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KEMA Type Test Certificate

List of KEMA Type Test Certificates
Our Type Test Certificates Database allows you to search for components which have received a KEMA Type Test Certificate. You can search by component, standard or owner.

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Checking the authenticity of a Type Test Certificate
The Type Test Certificates Database consists of a list which confirms if a particular product is certified and whether a certificate presented by an owner was indeed issued by KEMA Laboratories. However, because inclusion on the list is at the owner’s discretion, absence from this list does not imply that a certificate is false. Products are only included in our List of Type Test Certificates with the owner’s consent. Should you have any doubts about the authenticity of a Type Test Certificate, Report of Performance or Test Report, please send your copy to contact.kemalaboratories@dnvgl.com so that we may confirm its legitimacy.

If are using Internet Explorer, you may find it helpful to press F11 to see the database more easily.

Validity of a KEMA Type Test Certificate
KEMA Type Test Certificates are strictly related to the component tested. KEMA Type Test Certificates have no formal expiry date. The buyer of the component has to assess the link between the original component tested and the actual component that is being delivered.

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