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Visiting the KEMA Laboratories in Prague

Information about visiting or testing at our laboratories.

We regularly welcome visitors from all over the world to our laboratories. Whether you are coming to observe testing of your equipment or for a business meeting, we want your visit to run smoothly. On this page, you will find information on travelling to our sites – from how to obtain visas to booking taxi services. There are also details on organizing shipping of your equipment, as well as an outline of our health, safety and environment requirements.

KEMA Laboratories
As DNV GL we will continue to issue KEMA certificates from our laboratories to maintain industry recognition for these trusted documents.

Visas and Invitation Letter

If you do not hold a European Union passport, you will need to apply for a visa at the Czech Republic embassy or consulate in your home country before coming to the Czech Republic. You also need to inform us of your intentions, including the date of your arrival and length of stay.

Please contact us for guidelines, which provide more details on the information required for a letter of invitation.

Travel to our Laboratory in Prague

For all travel support, contact us.

Transporting test objects to our site

For transport of test objects to our site, KEMA Laboratories has contracts with a number of brokers, but we can also work with the broker you prefer. We can arrange all custom duties/charges and local transport. Usually, transport time is one day, with an additional two days for customs formalities. On our locations, we ensure your test objects are transported safely to and from the test areas, either by forklift truck or low-loader as appropriate.

For all support on transport, contact us.

Any further questions about visiting our laboratories?

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KEMA Laboratories

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