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Visiting the KEMA Laboratories in Arnhem

Information about visiting or testing at our laboratories.

We regularly welcome visitors from all over the world to our laboratories. Whether you are coming to observe testing of your equipment or for a business meeting, we want your visit to run smoothly. On this page, you will find information on travelling to our sites – from how to obtain visas to booking taxi services. There are also details on organizing shipping of your equipment, as well as an outline of our health, safety and environment requirements.

KEMA Laboratories
As DNV GL we will continue to issue KEMA certificates from our laboratories to maintain industry recognition for these trusted documents.

Visas and Invitation Letter

If you do not hold a European Union passport, you will need to apply for a visa at the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country before coming to the Netherlands. You also need to inform us of your intentions, including the date of your arrival and length of stay.

Please contact us for guidelines, which provide more details on the information required for a letter of invitation.

Airport Taxi Services

For customers arriving in the Netherlands at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, we have made special arrangements for an airport taxi service to our site. If you have made a reservation with us in advance, the taxi company will pick you up at the airport meeting point. This is clearly marked on the map of the airport’s arrival areas.

Taking a taxi is very reliable and the driver can bring you either to your hotel or directly to our site.
Download instructions on how to find the Schiphol Meeting Point here
Download the procedure for arranging the Airport Taxi Service here

Arrival at our Arnhem site

On arrival at DNV GL in the Netherlands, all visitors (customers, contractors, suppliers and others) are requested to go through the gate and check in at the reception desk in building R10.

If you are visiting to observe tests, you will receive a personal welcome pack including a site map, information about Arnhem and health, safety and environment (HSE) instructions. These instructions must always be followed during your time with us.

If you are staying for several days, you will also receive a personal badge for the gate and a key for the assembly bay. At the end of your stay, you must return the key and badge at the reception desk.

Safety instructions

We ask all our visitors to observe the instructions set out in our Regulations Health, Safety and Environment for customers of DNV GL Testing, Inspections & Certification document. When you book a slot at one of our testing laboratories, you will receive a copy of this document along with the booking confirmation.

On your arrival at our Testing, Inspections & Certification area, you will receive a document with ‘gate instructions’. We will also ask you to watch a health, safety and environment instruction film, along with instruction films for working with SF6 and testing transformers on a boat, if applicable. We will then ask you to sign a form that you agree to follow the instructions in these films.

In particular, wearing of safety hats is mandatory throughout our premises, except in the control rooms and office areas. Safety shoes must be worn during work in the test buildings and the assembly bays. Furthermore, specific expertise is required for hoisting activities and use of elevated platforms.

Assembly bays

We have assembly bays with cranes with a capacity of up to 150 kN, where you can unpack and prepare your test object(s). Each bay has a nearby office, and both can be closed and locked. Our bays also have a kitchen, shower, internet connection and other utilities.

Transporting test objects to our site

For transport of test objects to our site, KEMA Laboratories has contracts with a number of brokers, but we can also work with the broker you prefer. We can arrange all custom duties/charges and local transport. Usually, transport time is one day, with an additional two days for customs formalities. On our locations, we ensure your test objects are transported safely to and from the test areas, either by forklift truck or low-loader as appropriate.

Shipping your test objects to Arnhem
Normally, you are responsible for shipping your test objects to our laboratory. However, we can make all the shipping arrangements from your warehouse to our site and back after testing, if you wish.

Once your equipment is at our site, we will use forklift trucks or low-loaders to transport it safely to and from the test areas. We have contracts with a number of local brokers for this transport, or we can work with your broker, as you prefer.

Delivery by road
When shipping your components to our site by road, please send them to:
DNV GL Netherlands B.V.
Attn Mr Henny Weiland
Project number: [fill in your project number]
De Schutterij / Klingelbeekseweg
Gate 2 / Logistics
6812 AR Arnhem
The Netherlands
T: +31 26 356 2298
F: +31 26 445 1418
E: henny.weiland@dnvgl.com
You can download the detailed map and navigation address here and here.

Customs facilities in Arnhem
There is a customs office available in Arnhem to ensure that customs formalities are handled efficiently, and our specialist staff can help if necessary. On request, customs officials may carry out the necessary formalities at our site.

For transport by air
Please send the goods to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.
Our local expeditor / customs broker is:
Panalpina World Transport
Rangoon 7
1118 LA Schiphol-Oost
The Netherlands
T: +31 20 655 2000
F: +31 20 655 2700

For transport by sea
Please send the goods to the port of Rotterdam.
Our local expeditor / customs broker is:
DHL Danzas Air & Ocean
Ridderhaven 5
2948 BT Ridderkerk
The Netherlands
T: +31 180 485 888
F: +31 180 485 855

Transport to our site
For goods arriving by sea or air, customs formalities are generally carried out at the port of entry. Our transport department will ensure that your equipment is collected and transported to Arnhem as quickly as possible from the port of entry. We will also deal with customs duties / charges. Please schedule a day for transport and two days or customs formalities.

For customs clearance, we will need the Bill of Lading and a Pro Forma Invoice stating a (low) value of your goods for temporary importation. Please state our reference number, if possible.

KEMA Laboratories Arnhem map 19-04-2018
Download the map of our laboratories in Arnhem, the Netherlands at the bottom of this page.
Change of legal entity KEMA Laboratories
As of 2 October 2016, our former legal entity KEMA Nederland B.V. is renamed. All services will continue without any disruption or change in operational set-up.

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