Visiting the KEMA Laboratories in Chalfont

Information about visiting or testing at our laboratories.

KEMA Laboratories
As DNV GL we will continue to issue KEMA certificates from our laboratories to maintain industry recognition for these trusted documents.
We regularly welcome visitors from all over the world to our laboratories. Whether you are coming to observe testing of your equipment or for a business meeting, we want your visit to run smoothly. On this page, you will find information on travelling to our sites – from how to obtain visas to booking taxi services. There are also details on organizing shipping of your equipment, as well as an outline of our health, safety and environment requirements.

Travel to our Chalfont site

For all travel support, contact us.

Transporting test objects to our site

For transport of test objects to our site, KEMA Laboratories has contracts with a number of brokers, but we can also work with the broker you prefer. We can arrange all custom duties/charges and local transport. Usually, transport time is one day, with an additional two days for customs formalities. On our locations, we ensure your test objects are transported safely to and from the test areas, either by forklift truck or low-loader as appropriate.

You can find more details on shipping your test objects to DNV GL’s laboratories in Chalfont below.

Transporting your test objects to Chalfont, PA
For tests at our Powertest lab in the USA, please ship your test equipment to:
KEMA-Powertest, Inc.
4379 County Line Road 
Chalfont, PA 18914
United States of America
Please contact William Minor (+1 215.822.4236 or william.minor@dnvgl.com) for all shipping questions. If William is not available please contact us at +1 215.822.4282 or chfkptshipping@dnvgl.com.  
Normal shipping and receiving hours are 7:00 am to 3:30 pm Eastern time, Monday through Friday.

We have a receiving dock for equipment that is shipped on pallets. This receiving area is equipped with an overhead crane that can lift equipment up to 20,000 pounds. If your equipment is heavier than 20,000 pounds, we can arrange for a crane.

If a crane is necessary, please fax or mail us a drawing of the equipment, indicating lifting hooks, weight and dimensions of the equipment. With sufficient notice, we can coordinate the arrival of your equipment with the trucker and the crane operator. On some occasions, large equipment can be tested directly on the tractor trailer used to bring it to the site.

Shipping and return of equipment
For shipments within the United States, we use Overnite (www.overnite.com) to return your equipment if you do not have a preferred carrier. All shipments are returned ‘collect’ unless other arrangements are made. If you do have a preferred carrier, we will be glad to work with them.

For overseas shipments, our Broker is Emery (www.emeryworld.com).Shipments arriving in the United States usually come through Philadelphia, New York or Baltimore.

Please note: KEMA-Powertest is not responsible for any shipping costs, import or export fees or any other charges related to the shipping of your equipment. Please send your equipment with all shipping costs and import fees paid.

Contact Us Any further questions about visiting our laboratories? Contact us for more information