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Podcast: DNV GL talks energy

Welcome to the DNV GL Talks Energy podcast series. Electrification, rise of renewables and new technologies - supported by more data and IT systems, are transforming the power system. Join us each week as we discuss these changes with guests from around the industry.

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  • New technologies security and the grid
    17 January 2019 | Energy | Podcast

    Driving the growth of renewables

    Girish Tanti, co-founder of Suzlon Energy, talks to us about his experience of building a wind power business and the challenges he has faced along the way.
  • New technologies security and the grid
    10 January 2019 | Energy | Podcast

    New Technologies, Security and the Grid

    Martin Hauske, Asia Pacific Energy Segment Sales Leader at Nokia Networks, talks to us about the security implications of new technologies and how they affect utilities’ business models.
  • Financing the energy transition
    20 December 2018 | Energy | Podcast

    Financing the Energy Transition

    Xiaodong Wang, Senior Energy Specialist at World Bank, talks to us about the important role of banks in enabling the energy transition.
  • Megatrends ETO 2018
    13 December 2018 | Energy | Podcast

    Megatrends: The Energy Transition Outlook 2018

    Ditlev Engel, CEO of DNV GL’s Energy business, introduces the 2018 Energy Transition Outlook report, and tells us about the megatrends in global energy and where they might lead.
  • Podcast car sharing schemes
    22 November 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    Bringing smart and sustainable mobility to cities

    DNV GL talks to Franck Vitte, Managing Director of BlueSG, Singapore’s first electric car sharing service about the future of transportation in cities.
  • Podcast cyber security
    15 November 2018 | Cyber security in energy | Podcast

    Cyber Security: combatting the threats

    DNV GL talks to Magda Chelly, Managing Director of Responsible Cyber, about the impact of digitalization and what businesses can be doing to protect themselves.
  • Podcast Formula E
    08 November 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    Digitalization and the future of mobility

    We talk to Johan de Villiers Managing Director of ABB in South East Asia, about how developments in battery storage are transforming how we get around.
  • Podcast smart data
    01 November 2018 | Digitalization | Podcast

    Smart data and the energy transition

    We talk to Dr Kirk Borne, Principal Data Scientist and Executive Advisor at Booz Allen Hamilton, about the power of data and how it is helping to drive energy efficiency.
  • Podcast smart cities
    25 October 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    Smart Cities: What is the future?

    Gordon Falconer, Global Director Smart Cities, Schneider Electric shares his views on what being a Smart City really means.
  • Podcast data analytics
    18 October 2018 | Digitalization | Podcast

    Data analytics in the electricity sector

    Michael Wilkinson, Global Segment Leader, Energy Digitalization at DNV GL, talks to us about digitalization, emerging technologies and their impact on the electricity sector.
  • Turning risk into opportunities
    14 June 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    Turning risk into opportunities

    Sven Mollekleiv, DNV GL, explains how DNV GL’s Global Opportunity Report focuses on turning risks into opportunities to support sustainability.
  • Electric Vehicles
    07 June 2018 | Energy storage | Podcast

    Electric Vehicles - The Norwegian way

    Christina Bu, Secretary General of Norwegian Electric Vehicle Association, about the incredible advancements made by the electric vehicle industry.
  • The role of the data scientist
    31 May 2018 | Electricity transmission and distribution | Podcast

    The role of the data scientist

    Norv Clontz, Director, Data Science Innovation at Duke Energy about the current role of the data scientist and how it will evolve in the future.
  • Dubai: looking beyond oil
    24 May 2018 | Electricity transmission and distribution | Podcast

    Dubai: Looking beyond oil

    In a region so historically reliant on oil, what does the future hold for the United Arab Emirates? DNV GL talks to Graeme Sims about how Dubai and the other Emirates are adapting to the energy transformation.
  • The new social compact
    17 May 2018 | Digitalization | Podcast

    The New Social Compact: clean and equitable energy for all

    Andy Karsner, Managing Partner at Emerson Collective about the main drivers behind the aim for sustainable and affordable energy for all
  • Podcast 4.04 digitalization and the impact of new technologies
    10 May 2018 | Energy | Podcast

    Digitalization and the impact of new technologies

    Electric vehicles, data security, blockchain, and other digital solutions are being adopted around the globe. Brian Williams, Industry Value Advisor Expert at SAP, shares his views, and some cautionary advice with DNV GL, on the impact of these emerging technologies on sustainability and the energy transition.
  •  Storage solutions
    03 May 2018 | Energy storage | Solar energy | Podcast

    Storage Solutions - Bridging the energy supply gap

    DNV GL talks to Dr Martin Keller, Director at National Renewable Energy Laboratory, about the advances in storage technology, and how these are helping to shape the grid of the future.
  • Transitioning from national to regional grids
    26 April 2018 | Electricity transmission and distribution | Podcast

    Transitioning from National to Regional Grids

    In this podcast DNV GL talks to Jeroen Scheer, Chief Technical Officer of Alliander, about the impact of new solutions and renewables on the grid.
  • Podcast 4.1 - energy transition in cities
    19 April 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    Energy Transition in Cities

    What will it take for our cities to become both sustainable and carbon neutral in the future? Betty Seto discusses the findings of our report.
  • Podcast Brooklyn
    10 January 2018 | Sustainable use of energy | Podcast

    The Brooklyn microgrid - blockchain-enabled community power

    A local marketplace enabling communities to choose where their power comes from - is the microgrid the future for consumers? DNV GL discusses the Brooklyn Microgrid project with Belinda Kinkead, Director of LO3 Energy, Australia, and discovers how it will transform the way that we interact with our power supply.
  • Podcast Internet of things ecosystem
    03 January 2018 | Digitalization | Podcast

    Integrating a complex fragmented Internet-of-Things ecosystem

    Global connectivity - is it achievable and why is it so important? DNV GL talks to Ludovic Lassauce, Director of IoT and Mobility at Tata Communications about the changing IoT landscape and considers how this will develop in the future.