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Podcast: DNV GL talks energy

Welcome to the DNV GL Talks Energy podcast series. Electrification, rise of renewables and new technologies - supported by more data and IT systems, are transforming the power system. Join us each week as we discuss these changes with guests from around the industry.

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  • Podcast: decarbonization decentralization digitalization
    21 September 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Corporate transformation towards decarbonization, decentralization and digitalization

    How can the disruptive 3D’s; Decarbonization, Decentralization and Digitalization positively impact on business? DNV GL talks to Csilla Kohalmi-Monfils, EVP Strategy & New Business at ENGIE, about their corporate transformation approach.
  • Podcast: the rise of the circular economy
    14 September 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    The rise of the circular economy

    The rate of economic growth has traditionally been reliant upon the use of natural resources. Ynse de Boer, Managing Director at Accenture, Strategy & Sustainability, Asia Pacific, shares insights with DNV GL on how more businesses are adopting methods to decouple these two issues and facilitate the circular economy.
  • Podcast: impact of ict on energy ecosystems
    07 September 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Impact of ICT on energy ecosystems

    Digitalization and new technology systems are transforming many industries. DNV GL talks to Andrew Milroy, SVP, ICT Practice at Frost & Sullivan about how these developments are revolutionizing the energy sector.
  • Podcast: the new energy outlook - looking to 2040
    31 August 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    The New Energy Outlook - looking to 2040

    What does the future hold for the power sector? DNV GL speaks to Justin Wu, Director & Head of Asia Pacific for Bloomberg New Energy Finance, about their long-term economic forecast for the world’s power sector as outlined in their latest ‘New Energy Outlook’ (NEO) Report 2017.
  • Podcast: Energy efficiency programs
    15 March 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Energy efficiency programs

    Energy efficiency is a high-level conversation in our industry. DNV GL hears the expert views of Ulrika Wising, Head of Sustainable Energy Use for DNV GL in Europe
  • Podcast: Drones industry distruptors
    08 March 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Drones as industry disruptors

    In an industry with rapidly evolving technology, what role can drones play? DNV GL talks to Pulkit Jaiswal from SwarmX about the future of autonomous drones
  • Podcast: Emergence renewables
    01 March 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Facilitating offshore wind in India

    India is a growth region for renewable energy. DNV GL talks to Steve Sawyer of the Global Wind Energy Council about the development of offshore wind in India
  • Podcast: Chances and challenges solar PV in South East Asia
    22 February 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Changes and challenges for solar PV in South East Asia

    How will solar PV projects develop in Southeast Asia? DNV GL talks to Hendrik R. Bohne from Conergy
  • Podcast: Emergence renewables
    15 February 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Emergence of renewables (part 2)

    This is the concluding part of DNV GL’s insightful interview with Dr Andrew Garrad discussing the emergence of renewables
  • Podcast: Emergence renewables
    15 February 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Emergence of renewables (part 1)

    In the first of a two-part interview, DNV GL talks to Dr Andrew Garrad about the emergence of renewables following COP21
  • Podcast: Smart grid energy eco system
    01 February 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    How will smart grid applications change the energy system?

    Today, smart applications are a powerful driver of change. DNV GL talks to Merten Foerster, of Siemens Energy Management about how they will affect the energy ecosystem
  • Podcast: Future of electricity landscape
    26 January 2017 | Energy | Podcast

    Future of the electricity landscape

    In a thought-provoking interview, DNV GL talks to David Walker, DNV GL Chief Group Development Officer, as he explores the future of the global electricity landscape