Energy investment support for the engineering stage

Investing in energy - the engineering phase

Getting the right contracts in place with the right partners is the key to success in the engineering phase. You need to be able to apply best practices in negotiation and be innovative in structuring contracts. But you also need the technical understanding to be aware of all implications of specific clauses, and reliable project cost benchmarking.

Our unique blend of technical, business and regulatory know-how helps you efficiently navigate the engineering phase, to keep your project on budget and on schedule. Whether it is preparing tenders and evaluating bids or assessing technologies and reviewing contracts, you can be sure of making the right choices to deliver a successful project. In addition, our renowned and bankable due diligence services ensure quality, social and environmental obligations are met, while our pricing evaluations help you predict the financial performance of your investment. We ensure quality on a global scale, from design to equipment manufacture and installation on site.

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