2017 IEPEC Conference

Find out what is new in energy efficiency evaluation

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    Baltimore, Maryland

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    Renaissance Baltimore Harborplace Hotel

  • When:
    07 August - 10 August 2017
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  • Website: https://www.iepec.org/

How is big data changing the evaluation landscape? Which new technologies and methods will revolutionize how energy efficiency programs are planned, implemented, and measured? What does M&V 2.0 really mean for the industry? Join DNV GL at the International Energy Program Evaluation Conference (IEPEC) to discuss the latest trends and innovations in energy efficiency program evaluation. DNV GL will present on a range of topics, including advanced M&V, consumption baselines for the C&I Sector, and enhancing customer data analytics.

DNV GL is a Gold Sponsor for this premier event. Stop by our table to learn more about our evaluation expertise, new approaches we are exploring, and exciting research underway! Make sure you catch our speakers and poster presenters throughout the conference: 


Amit Kanungo: End-Use Metering, Nonintrusive Load Monitoring, and M&V 2.0: When to Use What and How?

Tammy Kuiken: Evaluation Management 101

Paper Presentations

Lullit Getachew: Model-based Matching and Other Benefits of High-Frequency Interval Data

Mike Witt: Conducting a Web-Based Residential Appliance Saturation Survey (RASS) Across Multiple Electric Cooperatives: Methodology, Challenges, Results, and Next Steps

Jarred Metoyer: Scofflaw State: Quantifying HVAC Permit Rates for Residential Changeouts in California

Jim Leahy: Generating a Statewide Baseline Market Characterization for Energy Consuming Equipment for Commercial and Industrial Customers

Mimi Goldberg: Not Just Another Pretty Formula: Practical Methods for Mitigating Self-Selection Bias in Billing Analysis Regressions

Noel Stevens: Enhancing Customer Data Analytics by Leveraging Spatial Analysis and Third-Party Data

Jeremiah Robinson: Programmable Thermostats: Once More up the Roller Coaster

Quick Takes

Gomathi Sadhasivan: Does How You Pay Your Energy Bill Affect How Much You Pay for Your Energy?

Valerie Richardson: Lessons Learned from a Mature Behavioral Program


Chad Telarico: Enlightened LED Program Planning: Hedonic Modeling and Forecasting

Wendy Todd: Breaking the Code: Deciphering HVAC Equipment Nameplate Information for Market and Evaluation Insights

Amit Kanungo: Results from a Comprehensive Impact Evaluation of 2016 California Statewide Non-Residential New Construction (NRNC) Whole Building Program

Tammy Kuiken: Whole House to End Use: Real Life Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring

Jason Symonds: Rebel with Causation: An Innovative Approach to Evaluating Upstream HVAC Program Influence on Purchases


Mimi Goldberg: Surfing the Wave of Advanced M&V: What our Industry Needs to Know


Jenna Canseco: Lighting Measurement