2018 AESP Spring Conference

Today's most important energy efficiency concepts, methodologies, and technologies

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Luisa Freeman Luisa Freeman
Senior Principal Consultant, Business Development

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    Atlanta, Georgia

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    InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta

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    21 May - 23 May 2018
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Join DNV GL's experts at the 2018 AESP Spring Conference. The conference is a gathering of the brightest minds in program planning,implementation, evaluation, technology deployment, marketing, DSM business issues, and policy will be in Atlanta to share their insights, experiences and knowledge with attendees wanting to participate in a deeper dive of learning opportunities. 

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Miriam Goldberg and Curt Puckett 
Automating M&V and Big Data: Things You Want to Know for EE/DR Evaluation

New protocols, tools, and services are being offered to estimate energy efficiency (EE) and Demand Response (DR) savings using automated analytics together with interval or daily revenue meter data. We will review M&V basics for EE and DR and describe how big data and automation can enhance these processes, as well as the challenges and pitfalls that remain. We will describe engineering models, direct comparisons, and regression modeling as they apply to variations of randomized control trials and matched comparison groups. After completing this workshop, implementers and program managers will better understand the role automated analytics and big data can play in M&V for program planning, operations, and evaluation. 

Wesley Whited  
What To Do After Lighting? 

Since time immemorial, Demand Side Managers have looked to lighting for cost-effective energy savings. While potential energy savings from reducing lighting loads currently remain viable – a fast moving wave of disruption appears headed for the traditional lighting program. On the residential side, changes to federal energy standards could erode the easy savings that programs have come to rely on. For commercial and industrial programs, the ubiquity of LED technology has caused some to proclaim that the lighting market has been transformed. This panel discussion, moderated by a commercial lighting and controls specialist, will explore what role, if any, lighting will play in the future of demand side management programs. It features a variety of voices from both inside, and outside the lighting industry to provide a broad view of what may be next. The panel will discuss a variety of hot button topics, such as: Can networked lighting controls deliver the next generation of savings? Are their market segments that still resist LED? What other measures offer the potential to replace lighting? How do innovative business & financing models impact the future of our programs? Does lighting have a role in helping shave utility peak? Come, join, and be part of the conversation as we look to what’s next after just lighting. 

Sean McCoy
To Cap or Not To Cap  

This session will provide an in-depth review of capping structures employed by utility rebate programs nationwide. Whether they decide to limit the amount of incentives that can go to ny one customer, site or project is a conscious decision that utilities address during the design and implementation of their commercial incentives.  There are a variety of factors to consider when determining what capping scenario to employ. The presentation will be relevant for both utilities and implementers who are evaluating what is best for their program and what are the implications to consider. We will cover several real-world project examples from commercial and industrial incentive programs nationwide.