ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings

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The 2018 ACEEE Summer Study is the 20th biennial ACEEE conference on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. This preeminent meeting attracts a diverse group of professionals to discuss cutting-edge technologies, strategies, and programs for reducing energy use and addressing climate impacts. The building industry needs to increase the pace in adopting energy efficient buildings and technologies. The 2018 Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings will explore how to make this easy and enticing. DNV GL is proud to be a Gold sponsor. 

Don't miss our experts throughout the conference, presenting on diverse subjects that range from creating a marketplace for energy efficiency, to assessing non-energy impacts, to zero net energy. 


Valerie Richardson, Panel 2: Residential Buildings, Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation 
Robert Ramirez, Panel 6: Utilities and the Future

Paper Presentations: 

Panel 2: Residential Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Gomathi Sadhasivan - Yeah, We've Got That: Utility Marketplaces as a Vehicle for Energy Efficiency 
Carrie Webber - Incentive Setting: An Empirical Approach 

Panel 4: Commercial Buildings: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation
Tim Sennott - Opening the Door: Analytica Deep Dives to Create Customer-Focused Dialogue on Cost Effective Efficiency Program Outcomes
Noel Stevens - You Can Have your Cake but Can't Eat it Too... We're all Happy to Count NEIs but Let's Only Count Them Once

Panel 5: Codes and Standards
Amber Watkins - Scofflaw State: Quantifying HVAC Permit Rates and Energy Efficiency for Residential Changeouts in California

Panel 6: Utilities and the Future
Jarred Metoyer - Alexa, Which M&V Method Should I Use? Data-Driven Method Selection for Savings Calculations

Panel 10: Net Zero: Moving Beyond 1%
Mitch Rosenberg - Here Comes The Sun, Maybe
Celia Hoag - Clear Skies, Full Pockets, Can't Lose: Utility & Zero Energy
Blake Herrschaft - ZNE Marks the Spot! The Journey Down Two Roads to 2030: City and Utility
Jennifer McWilliams - Manufactured Housing: It is Easy and Enticing, Is it Energy Efficient?

Panel 11: Resilient, Sustainable Communities
Amit Kanungo - Future Meteorological Year Weather Data: Typical but Not Business as Usual
Gomathi Sadhasivan - Are Buildings Building Resilience?

Panel 12: Smart Buildings, Smart Grid, and the Internet of Things
Wesley Whited - IoT for Everyone


Zhiquin Zhang - Using Machine Learning to Tackle Uncertainty of Deemed Savings