ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry 2017

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Industrial energy management is less about the facility and more about the people who make decisions -- large and small -- about how the plant is run. How energy efficiency is implemented and adopted is up to facility managers, as well as their partners in energy efficiency, who can help them identify the right opportunities and solutions. Don't miss our experts' insights and solutions energy efficiency on this crucial aspect of energy efficiency:

Julia Vetromile: How Best Practices in Documenting Strategic Energy Management Lead to Better Outcomes

C.D. Nayak: Are We All on the Same Page? -- Bridging the Knowledge Gap between Plant Personnel and Energy Consultants to Create Sustained Savings

Join us Wednesday, July 16 at 3:00 PM for an informal session on our long-term study on facility managers and energy management:

Energy efficiency potential and strategy studies show that the commercial and industrial sectors continue to offer enormous opportunities for cost-effective energy efficiency improvements. However, in many regions, the low-hanging fruit of simple technology change-outs and relatively easy targets offered by the largest customers have been saturated. Greater opportunities can be tapped by improving on-going energy management processes and linking them to long-term capital improvement efforts. An ongoing national survey of commercial and industrial facilities and managers probes respondents on their current energy management efforts, goal setting, tracking progress towards goals, implementation of energy efficiency measures, and external assistance sought to implement retrofits and achieve goals.  The most recent round of this research (in 2016) also includes findings on resilience efforts undertaken by this segment. The results we will discuss shed light on the value placed on energy efficiency at the facility and central corporate level, as well as the perception of respondents on how energy efficiency efforts relate to other business success measures, such as employee retention, operations efficiency, and their financial bottom line. The survey has been structured so that responses can be compared across a number of customer dimensions, including size, industry, and level of energy efficiency program activity in their locations. The study results provide a basis for a lively action session on the current maturity of energy management among facility managers.

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