AESP 27th Annual Conference & Expo

The premier energy efficiency industry conference

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    New Orleans, LA

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    Marriott New Orleans

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    19 February - 22 February 2018
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The AESP National Conference brings together highly regarded experts to discuss current trends and new developments in topics that range from program design, implementation, pricing, and marketing to research and evaluation. The conference draws the top program managers, policy makers, implementers, marketers, evaluators, consultants, and vendors in energy efficiency. 

Visit us in Booth #303 to talk to our experts. Don't miss our presentations throughout the conference: 

Jennifer CansecoBeyond NTG: Integrated Market Insights from a Multi-Pronged Impact Evaluation. The goal of impact evaluations is to generate accurate estimates of program savings and net‐to‐gross ratios. Unfortunately, typical impact evaluation approaches often fail to take advantage of opportunities to obtain valuable market information. When evaluators collect and analyze market data, they can clarify the program’s context and provide useful information to help guide program strategy and planning. Such insights are even more relevant when programs operate within rapidly changing markets. Learn how a 2015 upstream lighting program (ULP) impact evaluation used multiple, complimentary sources to not only estimate the savings achieved among consumers who purchased and installed program‐discounted lamp, but also to provide insights into the program’s effects on the market overall. The ULP impact evaluation leveraged multiple, complementary impact evaluation research efforts and other data sources to generate market insights. 

Courtney Baum,The Worst Ingredients in Your Kitchen: Wasted Energy, Lost Opportunities, and Misconceptions. There are many different goals for midstream incentive programs: Transform lost opportunities into participants, overcome resistance to change, and correct misconceptions about energy efficient equipment. This is especially true for the food service industry, which tends to be conservative and holds many misconceptions about energy efficient or ENERGY STAR®‐rated equipment.  Attendees will learn the three common misconceptions and the realities behind them as well as how midstream incentive programs allow customers to choose energy efficient equipment options for their commercial kitchens with a point‐of‐sale rebate.  How midstream programs overcome free ridership and change stocking patterns of distributors will also be shared.

Wesley Whited, How Wireless Technology Will Revolutionize Retail (and save energy too)! With great lighting, a retailer can craft a unique brand identity that energizes and entices customers. While retailers understand that telling a story through lighting helps their bottom line, this story often comes at the cost of energy savings. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) estimates that lighting accounts for 53% of a typical retail outlet’s energy consumption. For comparison, lighting accounts for around 20% of an average commercial office building’s energy consumption. Reducing lighting loads through emerging technologies, like wireless advanced lighting control (ALC) systems, is an efficient, 21st Century strategy retailers can use to achieve energy and cost savings. Advanced lighting controls produce verifiable energy savings, with some cases documented as high as 90%. While the demand for all ALCs will grow at around 12%, wireless controls will grow at twice that pace because lower acquisition and labor costs will improve ROI and open the previously closed retrofit market. As retail spaces already understand the value of great lighting, and need to improve energy savings, they will be the key market segment to begin retrofitting with wireless lighting controls. Retail spaces will specifically choose a wireless technology because it’s low cost, data driven, simple, flexible, scalable and reliable.

Karen Germain (moderator), Pain Point or Sweet Spot - Leveraging Analytics to Move Beyond Analysis to Active Management. Utilities are demanding greater and more cost‐effective savings from their programs based on analytics solutions. They want greater accountability based on the insight and decisions that analytics provides. Thought leaders from utilities across the U.S. share their thoughts in a panel discussion of how they use analytics in the implementation and evaluation space, and their thoughts on what they need in an efficient and cost‐effective solution. Attendees are strongly encouraged to actively participate in the discussion by posting questions at #AESPAnalytics and follow the discussion on Twitter as we live Tweet key findings from the panel. Panelists: Ken Randazzo, DTE Energy; Kara Rodgers, Eversource; Adam Grant, NV Energy; and Mike Brandt, ComEd.