AESP Spring Conference

Energy efficiency strategies, methodologies, and technologies

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Karen Germain Karen Germain
Principal Consultant, Program Development and Implementation

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Integrated energy efficiency and demand response for the modern streamlined utility

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Join DNV GL at the AESP Spring conference to gain a full understanding of the most impactful energy efficiency concepts. Our thought leaders are presenting in-depth and interesting workshops that will increase understanding and make energy efficiency programs more effective. 

Program Design and Technology, led by Wes Whited

May 7 at 9:00 AM

Many utility C&I programs are required to do more with less, which requires decision makers to seek innovative solutions that allocate resources in a way that streamline internal operations. Learn how integrating EE and DR at the device level streamlines internal operations,  simplifies outreach efforts and creates curtailable loads from small- and medium-sized businesses.  Through a live demonstration, you’ll see the types of building loads that are energy efficient and demand responsive, and the utility-specific protocols used to automate device curtailment.

Using Data Analytics to Uncover Hidden Opportunities - "Let the Data do the Talking" led by Daniel Jarvis and William Clemens of DTE

May 7 at 10:45 PM

Innovative utilities are putting the power of their data to work and using predictive analytics to drive marketing strategy for their DSM programs.  DTE Energy, along with DNV GL, used their customer participation data to increase participation in served and underserved territories.  Through a live demonstration of an analytics tool, you will see the dialogue between utility and implementer as they move towards their 100% customer participation goal.  See how analytics-based marketing works effectively and learn how:  1) Energy Consumption grouping process was performed at the customer level; 2) To apply derived metrics like savings and participant ratios; and how to leverage these metrics and 3) To identify customer segments with the highest energy-savings potential.

Innovate your Marketing with Influencer Partnerships, led by Karen Germain

May 8 at 8:45 AM

From this workshop, you will understand how to work with Market Influencers in a mature energy efficacy program, how to build a strategy, and to place greater emphasis on Market Influencers in implementation. You will participate in a scenario-based workshop defining strategic goals and desired outcomes in Market Influencer-utility partnership. Participants will receive a tool kit which provides insight on channel appropriateness, selection criteria, and strategic engagement.