Digital Substation IEC 61850

International experts and users will share knowledge, best practices, recent trends and developments of digital IEC 61850 based substations

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Marc Achterkamp Marc Achterkamp
Head of Section testing Metering, Protection & Substation Automation equipment

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KEMA Laboratories 2019

Event Information

  • Where:

    Moscow, Russia

  • Venue:

    Building 3, 22, Kashirskoe Shosse, MOSCOW, R&D Center @FGC UES, JSC

  • When:
    02 July - 04 July 2019
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About the conference
International experts of digital substations will get together at location of NTC in Moscow, Russia from 2 to 4 July 2019. During the event international experts and users of digital IEC 61850 based substation will share knowledge, best practices, recent trends and developments regarding all aspects of digital IEC 61850 based substations including the status of standardization and upcoming work, the status of digital IEC 61850 based substations in Europe, Russia, United States and other parts of the world, the engineering process, interoperability, testing and validation and cyber security aspects. 

DNV GL is actively stimulating the development and use of open standards. It is because of that, that we actively participate in standards organizations such as IEC, IEEE and Cigré. In order to really promote the use of such standards and to leverage the learnings from the field back to standards organizations, we actively participate in User groups such as the UCA international user group. We also facilitate and host user groups such as the Dutch/Belgium 104 user group and the European IEC 61850 User Group. In the past, DNV GL hosted on a bi-annual basis a combined European CS 104 and 61850 user group. 

Meet our experts
At the conference, Benjamin Baum will share a presentation about “Practical Aspects of Testing Low-Power Instrument Transformers with IEC 61850 Interfaces”. They are present during the conference to discuss with manufacturers and utilities (DSO, TSO) about testing for digital substations.

What we want to discuss 
Many pilot projects already exist, yet there is still hesitation for a comprehensive roll out. This is because the availability, reliability and security of digital solutions is still unknown. To answer this question, we would like to introduce our extended digital services.

About DNV GL and IEC 61850
DNV GL is leading in digital IEC 6850 substations. We actively participate in standards organizations such as IEC and Cigré as well as user group organizations as UCA. We are the leading advisory, training and test organization for digital IEC 61850 based substations. We also supply testing tools that are used by manufacturers for their internal quality assurance, or by utilities for acceptance testing or troubleshooting.

We hope to see you there!