Energy Efficiency 2019

Discover the latest technologies and innovations around saving energy, reducing carbon emissions, lowering operational costs and complying with legislation.

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Energy transition framework for cities

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    London, UK

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    Energy Institute

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    27 March 2019
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DNV GL Experts
Our experts will be sharing their expertise during the event:

Presentation: TBC 
Presenter: Sophie Chirez, Head of Department – Sustainable Energy Use, Continental Europe, DNV GL 
Date/time: Wednesday 27 March 2019/TBC  
Abstract: Industry needs to increase its competitivity, not only by investing in more efficient technologies, but also and more than ever by changing the way Industry is operating today. The industrial environment is still quite conservative; when considering energy efficiency, the focus remains on technical solutions and too little emphasis is placed on the human aspect of energy. 

Various publications and studies evaluate the potential of energy saving from energy management and several have shown that the energy savings potential linked to the implementation of an energy management system are in some cases up to 15% savings, with an average of 12% savings. Significant part of these savings can be achieved by focusing on behavioural change.

The energy management system makes it easier for organizations to integrate energy management into their overall efforts and guides the whole organization to change the behavior to save energy. 

A lot of organisations have implemented an energy management system, but with the time and the turnover in the staff, the energy management system is most of the time not delivering the expected results. The system still affects too often only the technical staff, while to succeed, the energy management system should be deployed on an organization-wide basis. Most of the time, the technical staff is the ambassador of the energy management system but they are not always the best communicators and an energy management system is all about engagement and communication. 

Engaging and motivating the technical staff and helping them to increase their soft skills is a key factor in a successful implementation of an energy management system. Effective communication is an essential but often ignored or forgotten factor. In today’s environment change is happening more often and more rapidly than ever before; this implies that the more personal and engaging the conversation is the more effective it will be.

To show how to improve the communication skills and the soft competences of the technical people, a case study of a company active in the healthcare industry - where such a journey was applied - will be presented.

Speaker bio: Sophie Chirez is Head of Department for DNV GL’s Sustainable Energy Use service in Europe. Since joining DNV GL in 2010, Sophie has assisted companies, organizations and governments to implement operational strategy to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency and carbon/energy management. In addition to leading a team of consultants specialized in energy and environment advisory services, Sophie works on ISO 50001 training and implementation projects. She is also involved in the development of a service focusing on behavioral change to achieve energy savings (‘Energy Culture’) and is actively working with different type of organizations, on the implementation of such programs.

Sophie Chirez holds a M.Sc Engineering, specializing in Electro-Mechanical. She spent 13 years working for the Royal Dutch Shell Company (Dowstream operations) with experience in sales/planning operations & marketing, managing the relationship with several industrial equipment manufacturers. 

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