Protection, Automation & Control World Conference 2019

PAC World has experts from around the world talking about the challenges, the requirements and the solutions for the Smart Grid

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Marc Achterkamp Marc Achterkamp
Head of Section testing Metering, Protection & Substation Automation equipment

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About PAC World Conference
The conference format is unique not only in bringing experts from different domains of the PAC space together in the same room. The conference will be held in six half-day sessions. More than 100 papers from 33 countries will be presented during the three full days of the conference in oral and poster sessions.

This format will allow us to capture the pulse of our industry and to provide to the participants at the conference and the members of the PAC World community around the globe a snapshot of the state of technology, challenges, experience and future developments that will shape protection, automation and control systems as part of the Smart Grid of the future.

Meet our experts
At the conference, Marc Achterkamp and Benjamin Baum will share a presentation about Practical Aspects of Testing Low-Power Instrument Transformers with IEC 61850 Interfaces”. They are present during the conference to discuss with manufacturers and utilities (DSO, TSO) about testing for digital substations.

What we want to discuss 
Many pilot projects already exist, yet there is still hesitation for a comprehensive roll out. This is because the availability, reliability and security of digital solutions is still unknown. To answer this question, we would like to introduce our extended digital services.

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