WEBINAR: 2019 EU Energy Audit Obligation | How are you affected?

We reveal 13 commonly held misconceptions about Article 8 that could land you with fines and damage to your reputation.

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EU Energy Directive

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Complimentary Live Webinar (45 minute duration)

Tuesday 5 March 2019

10am GMT | 11am CET


Article 8 of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) 2012/27/EU requires all ‘large’ companies to carry out energy audits every four years. This directive has been transposed into national legislation, resulting in 30 slightly different interpretations. Finding out if and how the audit obligation applies to your company and then efficiently reaching compliance can be less straightforward than you might think, especially if you have sites in multiple countries.

In many countries, the next deadline for submitting your energy audits is 5 December 2019. 9 out of 10 businesses we spoke to last month mistakenly thought they were exempt. So, with exactly nine months to go, don’t be caught out, join our free webinar to find out if you’re affected and what to do next.

This webinar is for you if:

  1. You have multiple sites across Europe, even if those individual sites have fewer than 250 people
  2. You’re an SME but you use a lot of energy
  3. You performed an energy audit in 2015 which may need to be repeated to comply with Article 8
  4. You are ISO 50001 or ISO 14001 certified but you’re not sure these management systems include an energy audit that is in line with the national requirements

This webinar will help compliance and energy managers to learn:

  • If article 8 of the EU EED applies to you
  • What steps you need to take to ensure you’re compliant
  • How to develop a cost-effective and efficient compliance strategy
  • How you can use Article 8 to reduce energy use, costs and emissions

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The webinar will last 45 minutes with plenty of time for questions.