WEBINAR - Achieving ‘zero harm’: how new technologies are making us safer

Learn how new technologies can be enablers for excellence in safety and risk management

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Over the past two years, the use of innovative technologies such as wearables, augmented reality visors and inspection drones has been increasing in the field of environment, health and safety (EHS). This leads not only to improvements in safety, but also to gains in operational efficiency. According to the Verdantix global survey of 382 EHS leaders, 35% say technology is essential to the success of EHS management, while 53% see the value in adopting technology, while limiting its use to where it is appropriate. This webinar explores the potential for new technology to achieve goals such as zero harm, worker wellbeing and elimination of operational risks.


There will be two sessions to accommodate different time zones. Please choose between:

Session 1: 17 April, 09:00 - 10:00 CET 
Session 2: 17 April,
 16:00 - 17:00 CET

This webinar is highly beneficial for managers working within QHSE and operational risk. The webinar will last 60 minutes, including time for audience questions.
REGISTER HERE REGISTRATION WEBINAR - Achieving ‘zero harm’: how new technologies are making us safer - 17 April 2018