WEBINAR – Short-term forecasting for onshore wind farms in Ukraine

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Onshore wind farm forecasting webinar

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Complimentary Live Webinar
Thursday 20 July 2017
11 am EEST / GMT +3 


Recently, the President of Ukraine signed a law "On the Electricity Market". This imposes rising balancing responsibilities on renewable energy producers. Our intention is to help project developers, investors and utilities to prepare for those changes and share our knowledge. Especially accurate predictions of renewable energy production help you manage your wind and solar assets, plan  maintenance and get the best price for your energy.

Join us to learn about how to achieve accurate prediction of your renewable energy production.

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Sign up and join us on 20 July at 11 am EEST / GMT +3.

The webinar is highly beneficial for project developers, investors, utilities, and those looking to invest or develop wind energy projects in Ukraine. We will present detailed forecast methodology, expected accuracy levels and balancing cost case studies from Poland, which should be relevant to what is expected to happen in Ukraine.

The webinar will last 60 minutes with time for audience questions..