Wind Turbine Technology Seminar India 2017

DNV GL Technology Open Day: Mastering Turbine Design

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Wind energy plan for performance

Event Information

  • Where:

    New Delhi, India

  • Venue:

    Casuarina - Habitat World, at India Habitat Centre

  • Attend: Register

The pressures to develop wind farms in India with  higher energy yields at lower costs is growing. Maintaining quality of wind energy developments whilst increasing market advantage is a complex challenge. Through greater insight it is possible to gain understanding of the potential performance of your wind farm and turbines and answer questions such as: “Is the WTG suitable for this site?” “How will design changes affect performance of the WTG?” “How can we compete in a wider range of opportunities?”.

With over 30 years of wind turbine design experience, DNV GL will provide valuable material on two important areas:  wind turbine performance and cost effectiveness.  

The day will be presented by Dr Robert Rawlinson-Smith, leader of DNV GL’s Renewables Advisory Technology & Innovation program, and William Collier, senior aeroelastic and software engineer. The highlights of the seminar include:

  • Status of Wind Turbine Industry and future development in India  
  • DNV GL wind turbine design process
  • Modelling of Wind turbine in Bladed as virtual turbine 
  • Advanced DNV GL Wind Turbine Control Design Technology 
  • Site-specific load calculation DNV GL typhoon considerations and seismic considerations 
  • Cost-of-Energy (CoE) guided design 
  • Wind turbine life extension for wind turbine manufacturers 

Participant Fee:
Early bird: 4,000 INR / pax including lunch
Entry at entrance: 10,000 INR / pax

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