Winddays 2019

DNV GL is proud to contribute to this 2-day conference and to discuss the latest developments in the on- and offshore wind industry

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Proud to support
DNV GL is proud to be contributing to and exhibiting at Winddays 2019. We will be located on stand #18.

Presenting expertise
We are committed to leading or supporting a wide range of industry initiatives designed to reduce risk and prevent mistakes. We have also helped develop tools, guidelines and standards that enable the wind industry to deliver optimized projects, as well as Joint Industry Projects (JIPs) to develop industry best practices.

Expert at our stand #18  
During the conference and exhibition our experts are available to present their visions on and solutions for wind industry challenges. Such as:

  • WindFarmer:Analyst
    If you are planning a wind farm development or looking to make an investment, you need a reliable estimate of the energy production. Throughout the planning process, you will also need to update this estimate many times to understand different wind farm design options. WindFarmer: Analyst is an energy assessment tool based on DNV GL’s proven methodologies developed over several decades of experience. WindFarmer: Analyst can help you to streamline your energy assessment process, saving you money and providing accurate energy production assessments.  
  • Tender support
    In the highly competitive landscape of bidding and winning offshore auctions to build wind projects, we support many customers in competitive auctions. Ask our experts for the key success factors to maximize performance, minimize CAPEX and OPEX and manage the risks of your wind project. More info
  • WindGEMINI digital twin for wind turbine operations
    WindGEMINI online digital twin gives owners and operators of wind farms 24/7 access to advanced wind turbine condition and performance analytics, enabling them to make informed wind operation decisions. It includes several modules which model different aspects of an operating wind turbine and are updated in real time using data from the wind farm. The modules currently include fatigue life estimation, drivetrain condition monitoring, power curve performance watchdog and structural integrity analysis. More modules will be released during 2018. Ask our experts about the framework, the individual algorithms and some case studies.
  • Power Price Forecasting
    For over twenty years, we, at DNV GL, have been providing tailor-made electricity market modelling and forecasting services to individual customers. Drawing on this experience, and based on requests from players across the energy investment market, we believe a new approach to generalized power price forecasting was urgently needed. A key element in our vision of power price forecasting is to help our users of the curves to develop a much greater understanding of the risk factors and levels impacting a specific project, so that they can make investment decisions with confidence. Download our Power Price Forecasting service specification here
  • Technical Due diligence
    DNV GL provides technical due diligence, acting as an independent engineer for project developers and financiers in renewable power. We can act as an Independent Engineer (IE) to conduct technical due diligence for investors in renewable power projects. This gives you reassurance that the assumptions in the project’s pro forma financial statements are technically sound and that the project is grid code compliant. 

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