Offshore wind power expands globally
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Offshore wind power expands globally

The offshore wind market is growing constantly in size and power output. While north-western Europe continues to lead in terms of installed offshore power, Asia-Pacific is catching up, with China setting the most ambitious targets. Bigger wind turbines also require the adaption of the designs and capabilities of wind turbine installation vessels.

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Offshore Wind Market current and planned wind farms | DNV GL - Maritime
Offshore Wind Market Size development | DNV GL - Maritime
Offshore Wind Market largest projects
Offshore Wind Market power output | DNV GL - Maritime

Current and planned offshore wind farms

Europe still has the largest installed base and a substantial pipeline of new projects, mainly in British waters. China’s coastal megacities will soon be powered primarily by wind energy.

Development of wind turbine sizes

Advanced materials and technologies, along with many lessons learned, have made it possible to increase wind turbine sizes to today’s stunning units with diameters of up to 200 metres and 10 MW of rated power output.

Current largest offshore wind farm projects

The largest projects are all located in north-western Europe, primarily in UK waters. The UK, the global leader in offshore wind energy production, intends to cover 10 per cent of its national electricity needs from its gigantic offshore wind farms by 2020.

Overview of global wind power output

While onshore wind still dominates the picture globally, the offshore segment is attracting more attention. Densely populated European countries increasingly depend on offshore power.


Of the global fleet of 50 wind turbine installation vessels (WTIVs) and 21 service operation vessels (SOVs), 18 WTIVs and 17 tailor-made SOVs are classed by DNV GL, in addition to many of the PSVs / accommodation vessels which can serve as service vessels. A new generation of 12 MW or even 15 MW wind turbines will require larger, more powerful installation vessels in the coming years.

Offshore wind power expands globally

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