• Food and beverage

Helping our planet's health through charting the ocean economy

The ocean is a data desert. But through a cross-industry effort to set standards for measuring, accessing and sharing data on the ocean economy, we can help hydrate it.

Nine principles of sustainable ocean practices

The ocean offers a new economic frontier. Yet our health, and that of our whole ecosystem, is dependent on mutually maintaining the ocean’s health and utilizing its potential.

  • Power and renewables

Battery technologies performance-tested and ranked in new scorecard

The Battery Performance Scorecard provides independent ranking and evaluation of battery vendors based on laboratory tests

Twenty years of corporate sustainability progress – what next for businesses?

DNV GL's report for the UN Global Compact 'Uniting Business in the Decade of Action' looks at two decades of corporate sustainability progress, concluding that companies need to accelerate from decades of ambition to a Decade of Action.

  • Utilities

Data analytics in the electricity sector

Data analytics has already changed several industries and the power sector is next. Whilst there are many positive impacts currently being realized from data analytics, with more to come, there are also challenges to be overcome.

  • Oil and gas

Switching a city from natural gas to hydrogen

Could hydrogen be the solution to decarbonizing the natural gas network?

Responding to COVID-19 and energy transition - two sides of the same coin

It may seem like asking too much when advocating potent energy transition and climate action in today’s COVID-19 crisis and economic recovery mode – but that is exactly what we argue.

  • Oil and gas

Wind-powered water injection

Can wind really work for oil, and vice versa? We explain the genesis of idea of wind-powered water injection for offshore fields, and how the idea has edged towards a commercial reality.

  • Oil and gas

The LNG era takes shape

The implications of the world’s rapidly growing appetite for LNG, the diversification of LNG supply and demand sources, and new dynamics at play in global gas markets.

Floating Offshore Wind

Floating offshore wind is opening new possibilities for wind power locations and will play a critical role in the transition to a cleaner energy supply. DNV GL is helping floating offshore wind commercialize with confidence.

  • Power and renewables

Digitalization and the future of energy

An industry study that goes beyond the hype: find out how to create value by combining digital technology, people and business strategy

  • Maritime

Sharing economy in the maritime industry

Open Simulation Platform is an ecosystem for collaborative digital twin simulations that will enable virtual exploration of solutions for designing, commissioning, operating and assuring complex, integrated systems.

Ocean Stewardship 2030 - Ten ambitions

Ocean Stewardship 2030 describes ten ambitions that will contribute to a robust blue economy whilst also allowing the health of our oceans to flourish. DNV GL has led the work on the UN Global Compact Action Platform for Sustainable Ocean Business, bringing together cross-industry stakeholders to define the ambitions and agree upon the recommendations needed to guide global policy making and responsible ocean stewardship.

The role of technology in a world shaped by COVID-19

The human impact of COVID-19 remains at the forefront of all our minds. However, the dramatic economic impact associated with the measures designed to stop the spread of the virus must also be addressed.

  • Maritime

On the verge of autonomous and remotely-operated ships

Enabled by sensor technology, connectivity at sea, and analysis and decision support software and algorithms, the first commercial projects will soon be ready for launch

The promise of seasonal storage

As the world’s energy system moves towards a net-zero carbon future, we need more flexible options for energy storage and production. This paper explores the need for, and viability of, seasonal storage in the power system.

  • Power and renewables

Utility-scale solar PV

From big to biggest: How lowest costs will power the growth of big solar - everywhere

  • Healthcare

The data scientists trying to unlock our medical future

Precision medicine hackathon: using AI to spot what doctors may miss

  • Manufacturers

Offshore wind: The time is now

In recent years, the world has taken major steps towards a lower-carbon energy system. However, we still have some way to go to meet internationally agreed emissions targets for combatting climate change. The good news is that, after years of impressive progress, offshore wind is now ready to become a major contributor to global energy production as well.

Tesla’s Battery Day and the energy transition

Will Tesla’s ‘Battery Day’ announcements accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, according to our Energy Transition Outlook to 2050?

  • Other sectors

Data science and machine learning in an industrial context

Why many projects still fall short of expectations and how to overcome the barriers for harnessing the value of data

Impact of COVID-19 on the energy transition

The coronavirus pandemic will have a dramatic impact on energy supply and demand in the short term and will have lasting impacts once the pandemic dissipates. However, that will in itself do little to advance the world’s progress towards the Paris climate ambitions.

A greener era for yacht design

Designers and brokers are finding that the new breed of, usually younger, entrepreneur superyacht owners genuinely want to reduce their impact on the planet.

  • Other sectors

Why is carbon capture and storage so urgent right now?

For carbon capture and storage to make a meaningful impact on the decarbonization of our energy system, it must start with a bang – not a whimper. And it must start now.

  • Maritime

Cruise 2.0: Helping the industry set sail safely again

Cruise | DNV GL has joined forces with the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) to launch a comprehensive certification programme allowing cruise ships to resume operations from Singapore. Genting Cruise Lines and RCI are the first companies setting sail for a new age of Covid-safe operations.

Technology Outlook 2030

Ten technology trends, 54 technologies that matter, 21 impact investigations across five global industries. Read DNV GL's extensive exploration of the most likely technology developments over the next ten years.

  • Maritime

Maritime interview: Maintaining business operations in times of crisis

The firm grip of the coronavirus pandemic on the global economy has been extremely disruptive but DNV GL has done quite well in China, thanks to its digital services. Read to find out more.

  • Other sectors

Countering cyber-threats to gas networks

Greater connectivity between operational technology and information technology, plus the rise of digital technologies and IoT, increases vulnerabilities of oil and gas assets to cyber-attacks. The industry is looking at standards and ethical hacking to counter the risk.