Internet of People refers to the digitalization of relationships between people and the collection, processing and application of personal data. It forms a network of collective intelligence and stimulates interactive communication among our digital selves through digital devices, the internet and sharing of data. In healthcare, this connectivity and sharing of digital selves enables improved and more personalized predictive, participatory and preventive care for the individual, a group or the population in general.

These four ‘Ps’ of healthcare  will enable each of us to have a life-long health plan that combines health promotion and early intervention, based on our individual risk factors. Technology development and Internet of People solutions can create powerful tools in healthcare and may enable healthcare to reach the ideal breakthrough: behavioural changes. For example, internet-enabled solutions and devices like wearable sensors allow continuous real time monitoring of vital physiological functions (e.g. heart rate, blood glucose etc.). These can help to prevent, monitor and eventually support treatment of health conditions outside healthcare institutions.

Conceptual relationships infograph
Conceptual relationships
We are all now connected by the Internet, like neurons in a giant brain
Stephen Hawking,
  • Theoretical Physicist