DNV GL rules

Shaping the future of classification


The rules for naval vessels cover all aspects of classification for naval vessels and submarines.

Both existing GL and DNV rules for Naval vessels are brought forward as DNV GL rules.

  • The GL rules for Naval vessels are incorporated in the DNV GL rules as a separate rule book; Rules for Classification - Naval.
  • The DNV rules for Naval are incorporated in the DNV GL rules as an integral part of the rule book for Ships and the rule book for High Speed and Light Craft.

By continuing these two options to the DNV GL naval rules, we offer our long term naval customers predictability and transparency.

The rule book Naval (incorporating the GL rules for Naval vessels) will be published January 2016 and enters into force July 2016.

Please see the DNV GL rule books SHIP and HSLC for details of publication and enter into force for these.