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The clear certification and documentation requirements, efficient supporting calculation tools and a significantly increased list of approved suppliers are all important aspects of how the new rules will simplify working with DNV GL.

Clear certification and documentation requirements

The rules now contain an improved overview of the required documentation and required certification of materials and components. For easy application, documentation and certification types are consistently defined throughout the rules. All of the documentation requirements are summarized in a standardized table - supplemented with detailed description of the required content.

Information codes are used to easily identify which documents should be submitted to the society or are covered as part of DNV GL type approval. These codes also give a clear categorization of documents to be handled by the surveyor and which should be provided upon request. Certification requirements are defined to describe the products to be certified and how the certification should be documented.

These changes provide shipyards a better overview of documentation and certification requirements, easing their order and construction practice.

Certification of Materials & Components

Material and component suppliers certified by either GL or DNV (or both) will receive certification under one regime. Consequently, there will be an increased number of certified suppliers worldwide for the DNV GL rules, which will extend the available product/material portfolio. This gives manufacturers, yards and designers more flexibility in selecting products.

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