Modern rules, modern tools

Efficient calculation tools are essential in the development of ship designs. The new DNV GL rules for hull structure are supported by both the POSEIDON and the Nauticus Hull software tools. These already have a strong reputation and have received major updates to provide efficient support and ease the application of the new rules.

Calculation Tools – Free in 2016!

In connection with the introduction of the new DNV GL rules, rule calculation tools are provided free of charge in 2016. After the free period, a new price model will be applied where one licence will be priced at around 1200 Euro with a discount for multiple licenses. From January 2016, DNV GL Software will be the main contact for all DNV GL rule calculation tools. Existing contracts will be updated and merged to include new pricing and campaign period when renewing the contracts.

The DNV GL rule calculation tools licence package includes:

  • Nauticus Hull Rule Check, 3D Beam, FEA including GeniE – for code check (limited modelling functionality)
  • POSEIDON Prescriptive and FEA

Powerful tools to enable an efficient design process

The new DNV GL rules are based on new advanced load concepts with state-of-the-art capacity models. This will give a more realistic representation of the environmental loads and vessel experiences while laying the foundation for a consistent and efficient structural design assessment. DNV GL is committed to investing in the rule calculation tools to provide our customers with efficient support for the new rules.

DNV GL calculation tools – key priorities

Both the Nauticus Hull and POSEIDON packages are updated to support the new DNV GL rules for prescriptive and finiteelement calculations. Better modelling capabilities and automation of calculation tasks, together with improved result processing and reporting functionalities, improve efficiency and the overall quality. In addition, it has been important to further develop how the tools exchange models with yard design and FE systems.

Prescriptive calculations

The new releases support the new rule formulations with enhanced functionality, allowing the engineer to get a better understanding of both the structural design and the underlying rule requirements. The toolbox for prescriptive calculations includes:

  • Rule calculator functionality for local scantling checks of primary supporting members and individual assessment of plates and stiffeners
  • Cross section analysis with enhanced overview of rule compliance and support for design iterations
  • Grillage tool with new functionality for automatic application of loads and rule check
  • Import of 2D drawings for better support for geometry and structure modelling with link to rule calculator to run calculations of plates and stiffeners directly on drawing

Finite Element Analysis

Direct strength calculation by Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is increasingly important in the design and approval process. FEA support in Nauticus Hull/GeniE and POSEIDON has received a major update including:

  • New functionality for ship-specific modelling and import of hull form from 3D design tools for efficient modelling of the non-parallel cargo area
  • Improved mesh control with functionality for partial meshing and state-of-the-art tools for manual mesh adjustments
  • Screening of the FE model to identify critical areas and improved efficiency for generating local fine mesh FE models of critical details
  • Automatic generation of corrosion additions, boundary conditions and loads for cargo-hold FEA, including both local pressures and global hull girder loads
  • Automatic yield, buckling and fatigue check according to the new rules. Acceptance criteria for different structural components are automatically accounted for
  • Improved functionality for import of FE models from other FE systems (Patran/Nastran, ANSYS) and early design tools (NAPA Steel, AVEVA Marine)

Tools - One rule set

Global model of Container ship imported to POSEIDON from NAPA steel

DNV GL rules and tools:

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