MRV compliance

How to prepare for compliance

The upcoming EU MRV regulation requires careful attention. As a very first step, companies should assess whether tools already in place today will suffice for the MRV regulation and its reporting needs, or whether they need to be extended or maybe even replaced by a new solution. If you are not certain, we at DNV GL can help. 

Your focus and challenges now and in the future - our support

Companies will need to establish management procedures to ensure the successful implementation of their monitoring systems and their proper usage by personnel on board their vessel. On the way towards compliance, we propose the following actions.


Your focus/challenges
  • Study the EU MRV regulation – familiarize yourself with the “M” (Monitoring) and “R” (Reporting”) in particular. Identify challenges such as how to monitor cargo for particular vessels.

DNV GL support
  • DNV GL has published an MRV guideline and offers webinars, regional meetings and seminars throughout 2017. Should you have specific questions or need clarification on the regulation, please visit our FAQ page or contact your local DNV GL office directly. 

Your focus/challenges
  • Assess your reporting system and decide whether it suffices for MRV. In case the system needs an extension or replacement, allocate resources to decide on the right system, its distribution and implementation on board your vessels. 
  • Gain confidence in data reported by your crew by assessing the related data quality. This enables you to take corrective measures before reporting commences in 2018.

DNV GL support
  • The DNV GL MRV Readiness Check appempty provides a first assessment of whether you are EU MRV ready or not. It guides you through a condensed checklist covering all aspects of the respective regulation. It gives a clear picture of your present preparation status and leaves you with a to-do list to plan your next steps. 
  • Our tailored MRV Ready service through our Advisory department. The support ranges from a quick check of operational data sets to a detailed assessment, also considering your reporting tools capabilities, management procedures and implementation status, among others.
  • Navigator Insight is the DNV GL solution for ship-to-shore reporting. It comes with an onboard reporting tool for manual input covering all the required parameters as per the MRV regulation, but can be extended to cover all aspects of daily ship operations. More than 450 plausibility checks promise enhancement of data quality even before sent ashore.

Summer 2017

Your focus/challenges

  • Companies have until 31 August 2017 to create and submit a ship-specific monitoring plan to the contracted verifiers indicating the method chosen to monitor and report emissions and other relevant information for each vessel over 5,000 GT that calls at EU ports. 
  • The monitoring plan can be a time-consuming task, as the EU MRV regulation stipulates in detail the requirements for the content of the monitoring plan. 

DNV GL support
  • The MRV Monitoring Plan Generator supports you in preparing your monitoring plans for your entire fleet – semi-automatically and in an efficient manner
  • DNV GL will verify whether the monitoring plans of your ships are compliant and are ready to submit plausible emission reports.
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Beginning 2018

Your focus/challenges

  • The first reporting period commences at the start of 2018. Based on your individual monitoring plans, your vessels will collect and transfer all the necessary data ashore. 
  • We propose you initiate the processing of data already in 2017 so as to give you the chance to take corrective actions if insufficiencies occur in the system or process.

DNV GL support

  • Navigator Insight (see above) is our suggested tool for ship-to-shore data collection and reporting. 

Beginning 2019

Your focus/challenges

  • Prepare emissions report and submit it to the contracted verifier. 

DNV GL support

  • DNV GL Emissions Report Verification - DNV GL will design the verification process as digital as possible to reduce the additional work for you. For the emissions report, we will check your emissions report with your voyage log abstract and the external data we require.
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EU MRV Regulation with DNV GL

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