EEXI – Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index

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EEXI implementation

An EEXI Technical File must be issued for most types of the ships except for ships which were already built in accordance with EEDI Phase 2 or 3 requirements in the past. The EEXI Technical File includes the calculation of the attained EEXI, which must be below a required EEXI value. This required EEXI value is defined for different ship types, with reduction rates related to the EEDI reference curve. These reduction rates are in the range of EEDI reduction rates related to Phases 2 and 3, meaning that the required EEXI is almost in agreement with requirements for current newbuildings.

The EEXI Technical File must be submitted to class in time for approval and is required to be carried on board afterwards. During the first annual, intermediate or renewal survey after the effective date of the EEXI requirements, meaning within the year 2023, verification of the attained EEXI takes place and, subsequently, the new IEE Certificate is issued.


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