Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Safety and Security

Commencing September 2018

Welcome to the Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Safety and Security offered by the World Maritime University (WMU) and DNV GL’s Maritime Academy.

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Shipping is a business with a global impact, characterised by fierce economic competition. Ensuring safety and security at all times is essential to ensure a smooth operation of any ship, to retain profitability and maintaining a good reputation for any organization dealing with activities at sea.

The programme provides a comprehensive understanding of the contemporary maritime transport system and fundamental knowledge in shipping operations, focuses on environmental aspects and related liabilities of shipping security, explains the IMO’s approach towards the “human element” and elaborate on the main legal conventions and codes. Contemporary maritime threats along with an analysis of the framework of managing security risks at sea including the newly emerged cyber security threat will be identified and discussed as well as fundamentals in modern port management will be given, leading to theoretical and practical knowledge in how to manage port security threats.

The new Postgraduate Diploma consists of five modules that cover the following topics:

  1. Maritime Transport and Shipping Operations
  2. Safety and Environmental Protection Issues
  3. Maritime Safety: Requirements and Implementation
  4. Legal and Operational Aspects of Maritime Security
  5. Leadership and Best Practices in Port Management

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Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime Safety and Security

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