Certification and verification of products

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As a customer, access this digital service via Veracity platform by DNV GL and select the right tile from "My Services"


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Product certification and verification are about to get even easier. This digital service allows you to request services online and take advantage of DNV GL services for product certification and verification. Now you can access your documents and get directly in touch with us from anywhere at any time.

The benefits for you:

  • Requests services with DNV GL online instead of using forms or templates
  • Simplified registration procedure thanks to the option of copying information from previous orders
  • More flexibility, as the portal can be used outside our office hours
  • A more detailed overview of the status of current orders
  • An easy-to-use system for booking appointments, along with an overview of the next visit by our employees
  • Access to historic DNV GL orders
  • Access to historic certificates and reports issued by DNV GL for your company
  • Use the portal to send certificates and reports or submit change requests at any time
  • Upload documents, eliminating the need to send them by email

Choose from the following services:

  • Certification of products in accordance with DNV GL rules
  • Certification of products in accordance with other standards
  • Verification of products in accordance with specifications
  • Type approval of products in accordance with DNV GL rules
  • MED authorizations
  • Type examination testing of products in accordance with other standards
  • Authorization of manufacturers and staff
  • Authorization of service providers
  • EIAPP certification of internal-combustion engines
  • Certification of welder and welding procedures

Visit Veracity by DNV GL and then click this icon. If you are a first-time Veracity user, please sign up here or contact your local station in case you have any further questions.

DNV GL will register one employee per company to act as the company administrator. This individual is your point of contact and is in charge of managing and providing additional access authorizations within the company. If you already use other services on our customer portal, such as Document Upload, please contact your local DNV GL station. We will then ensure that your access is expanded accordingly. If you have not used Veracity or My DNV GL before, please contact your company administrator directly.

If no company administrator has been nominated for your organization, DNV GL will support you in completing your registration:

  1. Visit the Veracity registration page and enter your information, including your email address, and proceed as described.
  2. After a short moment, you will receive an email containing a link. Please use this link to complete the registration process.
  3. Once this process is complete, please send an email to the local DNV GL station informing them in your own words that the registration has been completed.
  4. We will then connect your personal registration with your company. After this, you will receive the final access data and will be able to use the portal.