DP Capability Level 1

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Digital service for the calculation and reporting of the station-keeping capability of Dynamic Positioning (DP) Vessels based on the DP Capability Level 1 requirements of in the DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0111.

Reliable documentation of a vessel’s position and station-keeping capabilities is vital for the planning and execution of safe and reliable operations with Dynamic Positioning (DP) vessels. The vessel’s position-keeping capabilities should be clearly understood, both with respect to the intact vessel condition and for redundant DP vessels, which is even more important should the vessel’s capability be degraded during operations due to relevant failures associated with the vessel’s Dynamic Positioning class notation. The objective of the DNVGL-ST-0111 standard is to set clear and consistent requirements for the DP station-keeping capability assessment. The standard includes three different levels for assessing the DP station-keeping performance. DP Capability Level 1 numbers are calculated based on a prescriptive static method so that results calculated for different vessels will be fully consistent and comparable. To support this objective, the standard also sets unambiguous requirements for the documentation of the calculations and how the results shall be presented. DP Capability Level 2 sets requirements for the assessment of the DP station-keeping capability based on a more comprehensive quasi-static method which allows for more flexibility and project-specific adjustments compared to the DP Capability Level 1 method. In addition, the standard provides requirements for DP Capability Level 3 where the DP station-keeping capability can be computed based on time-domain simulations. This digital service meets the requirements for the Level 1 calculation, which is a prescriptive static method for documenting ship-shaped, mono-hull vessels with DP Capability Level 1 numbers. The calculations are based on a static balance of environmental forces and the vessel’s actuator forces. The main features of the digital service are:

  • Working with vessel fleets – all the vessel data are recorded and reusable later
  • Import and export of the vessel’s data
  • Immediate result calculation and visualization
  • Reporting functionality with downloadable PDF file
  • Input data checking
  • Usable with the most common power and propulsion configurations
  • Unlimited number of vessels and calculations
  • Easy to request approval of DP capability plots