LNGi is the unique LNG intelligence portal from DNV GL for supporting and accelerating the uptake of LNG as fuel. In addition to detailed statistics on LNG–fuelled ships, shipowners, charterers, LNG suppliers and equipment manufacturers can now benefit from an interactive LNG bunkering map. It provides worldwide and continuously updated information on the entire LNG ship fuel value chain for newbuild decision-making and business development.

Overcome the obstacle of low transparency

Although the availability and usage of LNG has developed considerably over the past two years, there are still many obstacles to overcome for LNG to become a popular and attractive fuel alternative.

There is a lot of information on LNG available to the public, but the rising number of new plans and projects makes it difficult to determine what is valid and to maintain a good overview. One of the major barriers to the accelerated uptake of LNG as fuel is still the uncertainty regarding LNG availability.
Experience gained by DNV GL indicates that more ship owners would consider LNG as fuel if reliable LNG availability information was accessible. Given these obstacles to LNG uptake, DNV GL invites the industry to collaborate and maintain the necessary overview through LNGi.

LNGi – easy access to worldwide bunker availability 

To capture our and the industry’s market insights for our customers and stakeholders, DNV GL has developed LNGi. LNGi is a Web-based subscription solution which provides a reliable overview of LNG availability, with worldwide and continuously updated information. 

LNGi access options:

LNGi Basic allows anyone to submit LNG bunker requests in the LNG Fuel Finder. Users of this free version can also see the locations of all submitted LNG bunkering requests in a map (no other information than the locations is revealed). Users can download prepared material on LNG, including an up to date and comprehensive status overview for LNG fueled ships.

LNGi Membership provides more detailed and visual insight into existing and planned LNG bunker opportunities, complemented by thorough statistics and market data of LNG-fuelled fleets and other fuel alternatives. The details of LNG bunker requests submitted by ship owner and charters can also be accessed with a LNGi Premium Membership.

LNGi heatmap
An extract from our LNG interactive world map which is continuously updated with all available information regarding the LNG-fuelled fleet and LNG-bunkering infrastructure