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  • Leading maritime nations 2018
    22 October 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    The Leading Maritime Nations of the World 2018

    The bench-marking study digs into a broad range of indicators on maritime capabilities and performance (42-pages)
  • Energy Transition Outlook 2018 - Maritime
    10 September 2018 | Maritime | Report

    Maritime Forecast to 2050

    This report provides an independent forecast of the maritime energy future and examines how the energy transition will affect the shipping industry (148 pages)
  • DNV_GL_Global_sulphur_cap_2020
    28 August 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Global Sulphur Cap 2020 - extended and updated in 2018

    The global 0.5% sulphur cap will be introduced in 2020. Explore the compliance options and implications for shipping with a focus on scrubbers (28-page PDF, 5 MB)
  • Remote-controlled and autonomous ships
    27 August 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Remote-controlled and autonomous ships position paper

    In this 36-page paper, we refer to our role as a classification society in terms of safety assurance.
  • Cyber security by design paper
    19 July 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Cyber security by design

    This paper offers you an important insight about security by design for complex vessel newbuildings. (12-pages PDF)
  • Alternative fuels assessment
    16 April 2018 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Assessment of selected alternative fuels and technologies

    This paper provides an overview of selected alternative ship fuels as well as emerging technologies. The objective of this paper is to provide decision support for investments in ships over the coming 5 to 10-year period.
  • Shuttle Tankers paper
    19 October 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Shuttle tankers

    Vessels built to be fit for purpose – providing safe, flexible and efficient operations
  • Standardisation as and enabler of digitalization
    18 September 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Standardisation as and enabler of digitalization

    This paper discusses the role of standards, the benefits that can be created and the need for organisations to develop standardisation strategies, all in a maritime context (40 pages, 1.3 MB)
  • NOx_Tier_III_Update
    27 June 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    DNV GL NOx TIER III Update

    DNV GL has developed this brochure to offer a set of best practices for design of ships subject to NOx Tier III requirements.
  • DNV GL Low Carbon Shipping Towards 2050
    26 June 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Low Carbon Shipping Towards 2050

    Shipping will be expected to reduce GHG emissions and DNV GL is ready to assist the industry to negotiate the transition into a low carbon future
  • Polar Code
    17 May 2017 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Polar Code

    Understand the code’s requirements to take the right steps for smooth compliance
  • Leading maritime capitals report 2017
    02 May 2017 | Maritime | Report

    Leading maritime capitals of the world

    DNV GL and Menon Economics share insights on the leading maritime capitals of the world in 2017 (20-page PDF)
  • Network Storm Testing
    17 October 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Network storm testing

    In this white paper, we discuss a stress situation that can impact communication and redundancy of networked control systems.
  • Alternative-fuels-tankers
    21 September 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Costs and benefits of alternative fuels

    Key results from a DNV GL and MAN Diesel & Turbo joint study for an LR1 product tanker (PDF, 4.3 MB)
  • BWM
    06 September 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Ballast Water Management

    Insights into the regulatory status, applicable treatment technologies and compliance solution (PDF, 1.0 MB)
  • RoRo-fire-on-deck
    20 June 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Fires on Ro-Ro decks

    Addressing growing safety concerns and providing guidance to shipowners (14-page)
  • Operational experience for bulk carriers
    06 June 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Operational experience for bulk carriers

    Insights for supporting safe and compliant operations at minimum cost
  • Vessel lay-up options
    01 June 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Know your vessel lay-up options

    Guideline of 16 pages on optimal vessel lay-up procedures and cost factors
  • Black_Carbon
    30 May 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Particulate matter and black carbon

    The global impact and what this means for shipping (16 pages, 0.8 MB)
  • DNV_GL_Managing_sulphur_limits_guideline
    25 April 2016 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    Managing sulphur limits - updated guideline

    Updated 20-pages guideline including new section "Hybrid" fuel operation
  • PERFECt  - Piston Engine Room Free Efficient Containership
    28 October 2015 | Maritime | Whitepaper

    LNG fuelled PERFECt

    A summary of the Piston Engine Room Free Efficient Containership (PERFECt) project (PDF - 3.5 MB)