[Archived] Risks of working at heights using lifting appliances

Casualty: Lifting Appliances and associated equipment employed for transport of personnel must be fit for the purpose and should be certified in accordance with relevant Rules i.e. DNV Standard for Certification No. 2.22 “Lifting Appliances”, June 2013 and recognized international standards i.e. for suspended baskets EN 14502 Part 1.

Course of events 
During routine maintenance work at anchorage using a provisions crane with steel basket to gain access, the hoisting wire broke and the basket with crew member fell approximately 5m onto the deck.

Extent of damage
The crew member carrying out the work suffered fatal injuries.

Probable causes
Investigations by the Port State indicate wrong installation of the operating mechanism for activating the limit switch to prevent the crane hook making contact with the boom head. The hoisting winch continued to operate after the hook made contact with the boom, resulting in overstressing and parting of the wire.

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