Concentrated inspection campaign on hours of rest (STWC)

PSC: Paris MoU, Tokyo MoU, Mediterranean MoU, Black Sea MoU and Indian Ocean MoU have announced that a Concentrated Inspection Campaign (CIC) will be conducted during the period of 1 September to 30 November 2014.

The focus area during this campaign will be Hours of Rest and will involve both ISM (through STCW) and MLC, 2006. The minimum requirements for hours of rest between the two conventions are now aligned. The main principles of the requirement are given below:

  • Rest hours means time outside hours of work, but does not include short breaks
  • The master is considered a seafarer, also in this respect
  • Minimum ten hours of rest in any 24-hour period
  • Minimum 77 hours of rest in any seven-day period
  • Hours of rest may be divided into no more than two periods; one of the periods to be at least six hours in length
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