DNV GL Maritime Academy and Frederick University work together on training

Frederick Training & Examination Centre (FTEC) and DNV GL Maritime Academy have introduced Professional Training Courses applicable to the whole Cypriot Maritime Network which have been approved by the Human Resources Development Authority of Cyprus.

It is commonly agreed that the institutional capacities, the professional skills, knowledge and expertise of the personnel – whether active or about to enter the market – must be continuously improved in order for Cyprus to maintain its leading position in the maritime sector.

FTEC and DNV GL, in response to the several skills development needed in the maritime sector (direct and indirect), have introduced short cycles of Professional Training courses. These are designed to meet the on-going need for skilled managers in these most demanding and rapidly changing areas of the shipping industry.

Such courses include:

  • Shipping Finance: Understanding and Creating Perspectives – Thinking out of the Box
  • Marine Insurance & Claims
  • Superintendent – Hull Structures
  • Shipping Derivatives and Risk Management in Shipping – A Practical Approach
  • Meeting the Challenges Ahead - The Need for an Environmental Officer
  • Shipping for Non-Shipping Professionals

Many other seminars are prepared within the Frederick Maritime Professional Training Center in order to meet market needs for Maritime Training. The list of seminars can also include customized topics in order to cover all the aspects of the Cyprus Shipping Market.