DNV GL merger, what´s on the agenda for ship owners and managers?

Technical: In order to obtain synergies from merging DNV and GL, there are several activities linked to streamlining the internal processes in DNV GL in a way that will also benefit our customers.

DNV GL is now in the process establishing common rules, common production systems and common portals as the means to build a sound, cost effective merged operation. The first rules in a harmonised rule set are those governing sailing ships, or fleet in service. These are the rules defining surveys and survey scopes. In the DNV rules these are found under “Pt. 7 Ch.1 Survey requirements for Fleet in Service”, and in the GL Rules they are found under “Section 5 of I-0 Classification and Surveys”. The rule changes are seen as moderate, and we believe that the changes are market adaptations which will also benefit the customer. A short outline of the most important rule changes is listed in the appendix.....Read the full article in the PDF: