Fuel oil quick-closing valves, leading detention ground by USCG

PSC: In 2011 the United States Coast Guard (USCG) published a Safety Alert regarding the inspection of fuel oil quick-closing valves.

The safety alert was issued after Port State Control (PSC) officers found that fuel oil tank quick closing valves had sometimes been blocked in an open position, or were poorly maintained so that they were not operating as designed when released in an emergency. It would appear that this is still an ongoing issue. According to the USCG 2013 annual report, the number of detentions in the United States has steadily decreased during the last three years, and the detention ratio for 2013 is down to 1,11%. Despite the decrease in the overall number of detentions, there has been an increase in the number of detentions related to environmental protection and safety related deficiencies for the period 2011-2013...Read the full article in the PDF: