Rules reference to PSC deficiencies and detention notification

Technical: We have noted that recently there was an increase of detentions where owners/managers did not notify or invite DNV GL for attendance during ship’s detention.

We would like to remind that in accordance with both legacies Rules:

L-DNV: Rules Pt.1, Ch.1, Sec.3, paragraph A.203 

If inspections by port or flag authorities reveal deficiencies related to certificates issued by DNV, the customer shall immediately notify the Society. In case of detention, the Society should be contacted for immediate attendance.

L-GL: Rules I, Pt.0, Sec.2, paragraph A.1.4

In case of a ship's detention by port state control, the operators (being the ship owner, charterer, manager or other person responsible for the operation of the ship, as the case may be) are obliged to call in a GL surveyor without delay.

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