DNV GL presents NEBA approach at industry conference

Net environmental benefit analysis

Did you know that DNV GL presented on the benefits of a modelling-based net environmental benefit analysis (NEBA) approach at the INTERSPILL conference in Amsterdam in March? The NEBA approach is based on results from statistical oil drift simulations with and without spill response options (chemical dispersion or mechanical recovery). It is used to measure the risk of environmental damage in the case of oil spills and to compare potential response strategies to identify the best method for minimising impact on people and the environment.

Drawing on the MIRA environmental risk analysis methodology, the approach provides insight into the expected impact of oil contamination. The impact is calculated against all potential response options and evaluated against a baseline of no response.

In addition, the species and habitats at highest risk within an impact area are identified (sea surface, water column and shoreline), and the consequences for these high risk areas calculated for each response option and evaluated against the baseline of no response.

Finally, the findings are scored for each available response option and used as the basis for the NEBA evaluation to produce the recommended response strategy option.

Download the full INTERSPILL conference presentation.

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