Blowout Preventers Retrieval Decision Tool - BOP▪RDT

A real-time risk-informed BOP retrieval decision support tool to enable operators to determine when to retrieve the BOP for repair after a detected component failure.

Oil rig at the dock
Retrieving an unreliable blowout preventer (BOP) is a necessary but expensive operation. In deep water the cost can be in the region of one or two million US dollars and in ultra-deep water conditions such as Brazil, West Africa and Gulf of Mexico this can easily double. It is also the main cause of downtime during drilling activity.

Developed at our R&D Center in Rio de Janeiro, the BOP▪RDT tool provides the most comprehensive decision support system, using both quantitative and qualitative methods, to assist the decision-making process by substantially reducing its degree of subjectivity.

Using deterministic criteria, the BOP▪RDT applies a detailed qualitative method to help guide decision-making. This is entirely based on the losses of redundancy resulting from the impact of detected failures on the reliability of all BOP critical safety functions included in the tool. 

In addition, the BOP▪RDT also offers a fully quantitative risk-informed decision support system. This is based on an advanced time-dependent reliability analysis of each safety function before (normal condition) and after one or more detected component or subsystem failures. Alternatively, a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods and criteria can be used to guide the BOP retrieval decision and allow for its use in different regions of the world.

This complex information, obtained by numerical computational algorithms, is transformed into a very intuitive graphic visualization user interface. As a result, the BOP▪RDT users will be presented with color-coded indicators of the reliability degradation of each BOP safety function due to any detected component or subsystem failure in the BOP. 

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