Oil and gas

Digitalization in the oil and gas industry

Research conducted by DNV GL has revealed that the oil and gas sector is looking to digital technology to provide the long-term efficiency and productivity gains needed to stay competitive.

Information and cyber security

We’re joining forces with companies across the supply chain to break down technical, cultural and organizational barriers to digitalization for enhanced safety, cost efficiency and sustainability. 

For more than 150 years, DNV GL has provided independent, expert assessments and best practices – to build trust in the safety, efficiency and sustainability of their physical assets or operations. 

DNV GL is exercising this same role in the digital domain, building trust in data and creating data security for the industry’s digital transformation.  

Over many years, the company has developed services to mitigate risks and improve business performance related to implementation and use of information, data, IT/OT, systems and software in oil and gas. We are accelerating our development of new, additional services to create value for our customers from the digitalization trend. 

Our services and tools include: