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DNVGL-RP-B202 Steel forgings for subsea applications - quality management requirements

Recommended practice

This recommended practice (RP) specifies quality management and surveillance requirements applicable to manufacturing of steel forgings in accordance with DNVGL-RP-0034. The requirements cover qualification of forging manufacturers, manufacturing procedure qualification and surveillance of production.

This RP has specific focus on the technical aspects of quality management relevant to forgings and some particular quality management system (QMS) aspects. A full QMS and health, safety and environment (HSE) assessment and audit shall be conducted according to the contractor’s quality management system but that is outside the scope of this RP. Assessment of financial and commercial viability of potential manufacturers is also outside the scope of this RP.

The requirements covered herein come in addition to and not instead of the requirements specified in DNVGL-RP-0034.

Subject to agreement between contracting parties, this RP may also be used for quality management of forgings intended for other than subsea applications.

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