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DNVGL-RP-F302 Offshore leak detection

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Major oil spills can destroy lives, damage the environment and reduce public tolerance of hydrocarbon leaks even further. The difference between a major environmental incident and a less damaging oil spill can rest on how quickly a hydrocarbon leak is detected. DNV GL has now launched the first globally applicable guidance for leak detection systems for offshore fields.

The Recommended Practice (DNVGL-RP-F302) is based on the findings of a DNV GL-led joint industry project (JIP) completed in 2015 with 19 companies, including Eni, Lundin, Petrobras and FMC technologies, and industry regulators as observers. It covers all the lifecycle phases of a field development for successful planning, design, integration and operation of leak detection technology in offshore hydrocarbon productions. A thorough process has been defined where the key stages are functional requirements, design requirements, technology selection, detailed design, function testing and operation.