Assessing the integrity of aged polymers

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Ingrid Skutle Høgsæt Ingrid Skutle Høgsæt
Senior Engineer

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Flexible pipes subsea


Flexible pipelines and risers have been used extensively in the offshore industry for several years. Some are now approaching the end of their service life and there is strong industry interest in lifetime extension. Accurate methodologies for assessing the integrity of used flexibles do not exist. 


The goal of the joint industry project will be to develop advanced tools and methods for assessing the integrity of aged polymers. It will use Bayesian networks for a statistical approach or fracture mechanics approach. The methodologies could be used for the pressure liner of the pipeline or polymers of other applications. 


Lifetime extension of flexible pipes represent a huge potential for operators to save cost. Manufacturers of pipelines or polymers will be able to increase understanding of ageing and increase trust in their product.


The purchase and installation of new flexible pipes may represent budget of more than NOK100 million per pipe.