Data lake-based environment for material management

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Tobias Vieira Alvarenga Tobias Vieira Alvarenga
Asset Integrity and Optimization Lead

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Material management is a key cost factor during the opex phase. Decision-making processes must be robust to deal with agile environments, uncertainties and a potentially overwhelming amount of data. Most companies are pressured to establish optimal critical equipment levels in stock and ensure quality of spare parts at a minimal cost. In material management, the industry is swamped in unstructured data stored in silos, denying itself valuable outcomes.


A data lake-based solution to provide an anonymous digital environment for supporting maintenance strategies and material management decisions. Enhanced by artificial intelligence, this digital platform will enable benchmarking and support decision makers.


Potential opex reduction, increased supplier quality, enhanced compliance, safety and decision processes for material management through dynamic insights and benchmarking.


  • Optimized spare acquisition
  • Downtime prevention
  • Reduced capital tie-up
  • Less incidents
  • Reduced dead-weight
  • Optimized logistics
  • Bargain on purchases.