Developing tools for valve integrity and lifetime management

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Large, isolation valves on pipelines and process plants have long service lives and many integrity issues are age related. They can often be difficult to inspect, repair or replace.

Valve problems therefore constitute a significant risk to safe and reliable operation of an asset. They can result in a loss of production capability and reduced plant functionality, and can lead to high asset maintenance costs.


This project will develop solutions for tackling integrity issues on valves in service. It will lead to targeted and effective inspection and maintenance methods, which could include the integration of valve integrity management with existing asset health monitoring systems.


  • Continued safe and reliable operation of an asset
  • Cost benefits through reduced disruption from planned and unplanned events, and avoidance/deferral of valve replacement
  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions through improved incident and maintenance management.


The estimated cost of a replacement 36” valve is around USD 350 thousand.

The avoidance or deferral of these costs would be a significant factor in supporting the development of alternate solutions.

For a population of 1,000 valves across a pipeline network, a saving in the region of USD 35 million could be realised if the replacement of 10% can be avoided.