Expanding existing crack analyses to cover low-toughness materials

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Steven John Polasik Steven John Polasik
Senior Engineer

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Bursted pipe being examined in the DNV GL Høvik laboratory


The performance of existing models to predict burst pressure of crack-like defects in low-toughness materials is not well documented and there is little guidance on which model to use or which safety factors to employ.


The joint industry project will provide a consistent analysis process for the evaluation of low-toughness materials, and a rigorous database of small and large scale tests resulting in calibrated safety factors for existing models. 


Preventing unnecessary conservatism but also accounting for non-conservatism allows more targeted remediation and mitigation programmes for low-toughness materials. 


Overly conservative predictions lead to additional excavations. Each non-necessary excavation redirects USD 25-30k to other integrity management programmes.