Retrospective mining of project deviations

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Tens of thousands of project deviation forms can be raised on large projects, each requesting permission to deviate from a defined specification or standard. Deviations can happen for a multitude of reasons, with little to no visibility of their cumulative impact. 

This project aims explore whether such data can be used to learn meaningful lessons from projects to frame decisions for the future. 


In this project, we will retrospectively mine a consolidated and anonymised database of project deviation forms from several mega projects. From this we will develop meaningful lessons learned across different operators, vendors, assets and project phases.


We expect that the results of this project will lead to decrease capex spending on future projects. Project participants will be able to address gaps and identify key drivers for deviations across the whole supply chain to reduce cost and schedule impact on future projects. 


The average time for a change to filter through procurement from request to realization is seven months. 

Approximately 950 changes take place  per mega project, using 200 man-hours per change. This equates to almost USD40 million on project changes per project on man-cost alone.

This joint industry project will reduce the number of changes in delivering future projects.