Roadmap for the future of gas transmission system

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Sarah Karen Kimpton
Senior Consultant

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Gas transmission systems are existing assets that can store and deliver high-quality energy, and are a vital part of the energy mix.

Due to the requirements to decarbonise energy, transport, industry and heat to meet global carbon dioxide reduction targets, gas transmission systems globally are likely to face challenges. 

There will be new low-carbon gases, new requirements from customers and integration of gas with other renewable energy vectors. 


  • DNV GL will bring a multi-disciplinary approach to identifying the challenges of transporting both unconventional and conventional gases. 
  • We will look at the impact on asset integrity, energy delivery, measurement, network modelling and customers. 
  • We will provide a roadmap for a sustainable, low-carbon future of the gas transmission system.


This joint industry project will enable transmission system operators to plan for the future – creating a roadmap for a safe, green, integrated and flexible gas delivery system.

The roadmap will help gas transmission operators and governments to meet the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) by contributing to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.